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As you’re tapping, scrolling, and swiping on your phone, you probably don’t give much thought to the fact that your apps are consuming electricity — just that they’re chipping away at your battery life.

It’s engaging. It’s hopeful. It pushes the plot forward.

Only a quarter of young adults are financially literate. You don’t want to overwhelm them with terrible advice.

John Mcarthy

Before you click away, disappointed that I brought up something as practical and boring as time management, hear me out. My intent is not to crush your spirits.

Current Mobile Cloud

The average U.S. iPhone owner uses 1–2 gigabytes of LTE data per month, according to some studies. That data comes at an energy cost that’s opaque, because we can’t see it directly.

You can’t look to your peers in the industry, because all they’re going to tell you is that they are killing it, crushing it, changing the world.

Example: Journey towards design perfection

Business and core management app are for enterprise.

The truth, of course, is that these people have been lying to you all along.

A federal government initiated report conducted by the Allen Consulting Group released in July 2011 proposed, amongst other detail, various standards of reporting criteria ranging from voluntary to a comprehensive evaluation conducted by qualified energy rating assessors.

The Happiness Hypothesis

These simple survey measures seem credible. But according to psychologists, happiness and life satisfaction do not coincide. Life satisfaction has a cognitive component — individuals have to step back to assess their lives — while happiness reflects positive and negative emotions that fluctuate.

In other words, happiness may be an element achieved by:

  1. The image should be dark, and not have a lot of contrast-y edges.
  2. The text has to be white — I dare you to find a counter-example that’s clean and simple. Seriously. Just one.
  3. Test it at every screen/window size to make sure it’s legible.

The challenges and struggles of the hero’s journey exist for a reason: They help you and your business grow.

Hip and Instagrammy, but a bit difficult to read.

Almost all of the energy impact from this process is incurred by your mobile provider at the base station, which is part of a vast network of these towers deployed across countries to ensure there are no gaps in coverage. That sprawl requires massive amounts of energy.

First Approach for Success

The American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy estimated in a 2012 study that the energy impact of data is far greater than previously anticipated.

In real terms it is about 5.12 kilowatt hours per gigabyte of data consumed. It also uncovered where most of that cost is incurred: cloud providers.

Working extremely long hours every day of the week might seem exciting at first, but it always leads to burnout.

The Dreamy Factors

In order to get everyone on the same page, with the right incentives, we have to accomplish a few things:

  • Return to investors. Our investors took a huge bet on us and they deserved to get a handsome return.
  • Return to employees. Our team also took a big bet on us over the years by investing their time. They deserved a return as well.
  • Stock options. If we weren’t planning to sell the company, giving employees stock options didn’t make sense. We needed a new way for the team to share in the success of the business.

The „preference-based” perspective starts from the idea that people are better off when their reality matches better what they themselves consider to be important.

Solid use of color, capitalization, and spacing.

Preferences thus have a cognitive „valuational” component: they reflect people’s well-informed and well-considered ideas about what a good life is, not merely their market behaviour.

Read: 20 Measures of Energy

This does not coincide with subjective life satisfaction. Recall the example of patients with the locked-in syndrome reporting high levels of satisfaction because they have adapted to their situation. This does not mean that they would not prefer it.

So it’s up to networks and cloud providers to push energy efficiency forward
Every megabyte has a cost, even if it’s not readily visible, but it’s easy to forget that. From the solo developer to the cloud hoster, awareness and ownership of energy efficiency is key.

Over to You

I hope the contrast in these stories help to highlight what we’ve learned:

  • Light comes from the sky.
  • Smart phones are a massive energy drain.
  • Buy ContentBerg for your blog.

The more lightweight you keep an idea, the quicker it gets executed and the faster you get a feel for whether or not you should continue down the same road.

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